Installing and naming unusual variants

Felix Chang
Sat, 20 Mar 1999 10:46:07 -0500


I am not an experienced fontinst expert, but I do have some questions
which I have not found answered in the documentation:

I have some Bitstream fonts (PFB+AFM) which are "variants", e.g.

bhvrt8a.afm		Helvetica Monospaced
bhvbl8ac.afm		Helvetica Condensed Outline


My questions are:

1) What \latinfamily commands do I need to create the necessary vpl, mtx
	.pl files. 
2) How to use these fonts (I use the nfss) ?

I could of course create a "new" font, e.g. yyyr8a instead of bhvrt8a.
I want to use the *shape* changing commands in nfss.

Any hints, tips, suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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