FMi on text symbol encodings

Hilmar Schlegel
Sat, 6 Mar 1999 09:39:10 -0500

Thierry Bouche wrote:
>  \unfakable{capitalaccents}                % 8r,8y
>  These are ususally replaced by normal accents, so no problem.
> For fonts like Slimbach's where capital accents are different from
> lc-accents, there _is_ a problem! You're faking T1 glyphs with
> incompatible accents... The problem being Adobe that doesn't encode
> these capital accents in the first place.

I think one can cope with that but what is really difficult are possible
different "x-heights", i.e. accent "baselines" if using things like
Grave or gravetall (L.H.). If a font provides the upper case forms it
will do so in a way that a composition is achieved without vertical

>  \unfakable{hyphendbl}
>  \unfakable{hyphendblchar}
>  Could hyphendbl be replacable by a normal hyphen?
> it's easily fakable anyway, no ? (raise/lower one hyphen).

Ugh! I'd say: use a hyphen when there is only a single hyphen in the

>  \unfakable{lira}                        % 8x (URW)
> 8x (URW) is really something different from 8x (adobe)...

What about using Euro in place? - This is a good fake ;-)

Hilmar Schlegel