FMi on text symbol encodings

Rebecca and Rowland
Wed, 3 Mar 1999 23:03:05 -0500

At 7:23 pm +0000 3/3/99, Paul Thompson wrote:
>At 05:42 PM 3/3/99 +0000, you wrote:
>....Stuff removed....
>>Not everyone can run Ghostscript, and it's very slow.
>Do you really mean Ghostscript?  I have used Ghostscript for 4-5 years, but
>have never actually run it.  I use
>GSview.  Far easier, almost instantaneous, utilitarian - I can't say enough.

I'm talking about MacGSView, which is based on Ghostscript.  Clumsy,
awkward, incredibly slow, pain in the arse, inclined to freeze my Mac
solid, and needs twice as much RAM as my Mac Plus can address.  If you've
got a Unix box and you can set it up as a filter in the printer queue, it's