FMi on text symbol encodings

Sebastian Rahtz
Wed, 3 Mar 1999 04:44:45 -0500

Rebecca and Rowland writes:
 > Hmmm....  Not so sure about that - some people use computers that can't use
 > any version of ATM or Ghostscript that's currently available[1].  In any
what about ps2pk? I dont see why anyone would not be able to use that

 > case, ATM costs money 
it is effectively free in Acrobat Reader

 >  and Ghostscript is slow and not all that good at
 > rendering PS Type 1 founts (as well as being very awkward to use and very
in what sense "not at all that good"? you may tell the difference,
but older chaps like me with bad eyes cannot

 > What about all those people with old MS-DOS computers and no (expensive)
 > PostScript printer?

 > Yes, pdftex will be a solution one day, but only when it's been fully
 > developed. 
what are you waiting for, exactly? i am in the middle/end of producing
a book with it.

 >  Even then, not all computers have a pdf reader readily
 > available for them.
yes, but _in practice_ surely you have one of

 - a PS printer
 - Ghostscript
 - Acrobat

on any given system? really.