FMi on text symbol encodings

Frank Mittelbach
Mon, 1 Mar 1999 17:01:58 -0500

Ulrik writes:

just picking on one remark

 > \unfakable{hyphendbl}
 > \unfakable{hyphendblchar}
 > Could hyphendbl be replacable by a normal hyphen?

i'm not really sure what is better here, should you try not to fake with
essentially different glyphs or should you try to make the glyph set larger so
that fonts that have the real glyph and those that have only a faked one could
live together can claim to have the same encoding (or support the same

i tend towards the former for things like TS but that also needs more thought

 > > This isn't a question of particularly current interest however,
 > > so we may well leave things as they are, for now.
 > If the LaTeX team has some interest in cleaning up the textcomp
 > package and TS1 encoding, this might well be an issue to consider for
 > the next fontinst release.  We could just pretend that fontinst's 8c
 > and 9c encodings have always been what might be called TSA and TSX.

it was discussed but never got resolved due to manpower problems.

yes i think we do have an interest or rather in think the LaTeX community
should have an interest as the current situation isn't very good, is it?