Help, please: oldstyle digits in small caps fonts -- not always where I want them.

Alan Vlach
Sat, 06 Feb 1999 20:09:59 -0800


A few questions:

1) The Sabon font from Adobe puts oldstyle digits and small caps
together in `SC+OsF' files, so fontinst produces the small caps font
psbrc8t with oldstyle digits in positions '060 through '071.  To my way
of thinking, this is really a 9d layout.  I want this, but I *also* want
an 8t small caps layout with `uppercase' numerals at '060 through '071. 
How do I accomplish this?

2) Following the model of mathptm/mathptmx, I get a suitable zpsbcm7m as
a replacement for cmmi, but it puts the CM oldstyle digits where I
really want Sabon oldstyle digits.  How do I get the Sabon oldstyle
digits there?

3) How does one produce a bold version of Ralph Smith's Fancy Script
(rsfs) font?

4) Given the number of bugfixes/improvements I've seen mentioned on this
mailing list in the last several months, why is the most recent version
on CTAN from last July?

--Alan Vlach