.fd file names from fontinst

Alan Jeffrey ajeffrey@cs.depaul.edu
Tue, 02 Feb 1999 09:26:50 -0600

The naming of .fd files is a subject of much debate...

The .fd files on CTAN use the ISO 9660 file format, so they can be put
on CD-ROMs which run on pretty much anything.  ISO 9660 mandates
lower-case-only 8+3 filenames.

Fontinst itself generates mixed-case names.

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[ Paul Walker

| Do most people use Tex on systems that are case-insensitive?

[ Sebastian Rahtz

| many people do. its called Windows, by a software company in the USA

there's another American software company called Apple that maintains a
case-insensitive operating system that is popular in some academic
institutions.  it's called MacOS.

then there's VMS, also case-insensitive.  in fact, only Unix as far as I
know _is_ case-sensitive.

Rolf Lindgren