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Alan Jeffrey
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 23:11:20 -0600

Lars Hellström wrote:

> Sebastian wrote
> >What I propose is for me (myself) to take the current fontinst,
> >add  new copyright information, and make a new release on CTAN. At the
> >same time I will make a `beta' subdirectory with a README, and we
> >(CTAN) will put in there whatever Lars et al contribute. This list can
> >decide when to move that material back to the main release.
> >
> Seems fine by me.


> Ulrik wrote:
> >OK, I'm fine with the idea of a shared maintenance, as long as this
> >doesn't interfere with Alan's ideas about putting fontinst under a
> >licence which doesn't allow anybody else but him to put out the next
> >"official" version under the original name.
> >
> I didn't interpret Alan as putting out another fontinst (under that name)
> was to be his personal privilige, I rather read him as there was to be some
> group that has the privilige to put out fontinst.
> It seems he needs to clarify how he meant it.

Basically, whatever is generated by the `fontinst working group' should
go out as `fontinst'.  Can we take the LaTeX license and just substitute
fontinst for LaTeX3?  Although I'm not sure there is a fontinst project,
it all sounds a bit Blairite (joke for UK subscribers only :-)  Do we
need to worry about how the `fontinst working group' is defined?

> This reminds me, BTW, of another thing I've meant to ask: Is the fontdoc
> package supposed to work under Plain as well as LaTeX? I cannot recall any
> examples of how to use it under Plain, and all the files fontinst generates
> gets code for being typeset under LaTeX, but there is also some pieces of
> code which seem to be all about making it work under both.

Well, since I wrote it, it's intended for LaTeX, I've not really tried
to get it to work with Plain.

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