July 4, 2006.

Additional Notes from Bruno


0) Check that there is a directory ~/Library/texmf/.
    If not, create one manually.

After generating the various .tfm, .vf, .pfb,  .fd and .map files, put them 
at the appropriate places then run updmap.                                                    

Recent changes (2006) in TeXLive and teTeX (upon which gwTeX, 
i.e. the TeX i-Package, is based) now requires that, for a font called 
- .map files should go inside 
instead of              
- updmap should be run as 
    sudo updmap-sys --enable Map Fontname.map 
instead of       
    "sudo updmap --enable Map Fontname.map"                                                
In case you have files at the following locations, it would also be advisable to       
delete them beforehand (taken from a post by Gerben Wierda):                           
The last line you have to be careful with in case you created your own 
unique formats and dumped them there, as they also end in .fmt. 
You should remove only those that already exist in 

In order to know where TeX and friends look for files with specific extensions, you can use (in Terminal) the command-line utility kpsewhich. Its usage is documented in section 3.5 of /Library/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/doc/programs/kpathsea.pdf. For example: --> (click here)
If you have any further questions: please contact us via the mactex-support webpage.